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Last updated 2:40 PM on 10 October 2011
RBSC is changing the focus from the negative behaviour of B..llying... we focus on what behaviour we want!. KINDNESS!
RBSC whole heartedly takes on the theme of "kindness". RBSC was involved in the launch of world kindness week during the holidays and we hosted a delegation from World Kindness( people from Singapore, Canada, NZ etc). We have a zero tolerence and take the stand .. "its COOL to be KIND". We are trying to move away from the B word.. and focus on behaviour to replace this.. Being KIND. We talk inclusion and niceness. It is really making an affect. 
The movement was initiated through our year 10 Vision Project. The way you get involved is register  on the website and register for world kindness week which is in November . The State P & C. Association is getting behind this outstanding movement. We have a wishing tree for Year 7. Promoting kindness at all points. Look here for an update on our campaign for World Kindness Week!